An Annotated Bibliography And Listing Of The Social Science Literature On Planning For And Responding To Hazardous Materials Disasters

Hughes, Mary Ann
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Disaster Research Center
The following references were compiled to provide interested parties with sources of social science research on preparing for and managing hazardous material disasters. Work of this kind has been going on since the 1950s, although it has accelerated considerably in the last decade. Out of the now rather voluminous literature, we have selected out a range of publications that illustrate the work that has been done. Major criteria for selection were the intrinsic social science merit of the publication as well as its possible interest to as many relevant professional and scientific audiences as possible. Preference was also given to writings based on empirical research, and those dealing with disasters rather than just emergencies. The older literature is cited as well as the more recent work. While all the items listed are in the English language, an effort was made to include studies done outside of the North American continent. Publications on both fixed sites and transportation accidents involving hazardous materials are included. An effort was also made to insure that publications on all phases of planning for hazardous materials disasters are represented, including mitigation and prevention, emergency preparedness, emergency response, and recovery. However, references solely to wartime situations are not provided.
Annotated Bibliography , Social Science Literature , Hazardous Material Disasters