Curbside Intercity Bus Industry: Research of Transportation Policy Opportunities and Challenges

Scott, Marcia
Collins, Eileen
Wicks, Arthur III
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This report from the Institute for Public Administration (IPA) at the University of Delaware (UD) serves to document the industry’s unprecedented growth and related transportation policy issues within the Northeast Corridor. With project support from the University of Delaware University Transportation Center (UD-UTC), the team conducted a literature review on the intercity bus industry, a field assessment of curbside operations, survey of passengers, and a June 13, 2012 Curbside Intercity Bus Transportation Policy Forum for industry stakeholders. A case study on a local Chinatown bus company was also conducted to spotlight the alarming industry issue of reincarnated carriers—companies that have been shut down by the federal government for violating laws and regulations, yet defy enforcement by continuing to operate under other names or companies.
Motorcoach , Megabus , BoltBus , Greyhound , Peter Pan , Trailways , Chinatown , MAP-21 , UDOT , Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century