Environmental justice advocacy within public horticulture institutions

Johnson, Abby
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University of Delaware
Environmental justice advocacy from community based organizations remains a necessary tool to protect nature and people. Public horticulture institutions are equipped with scientific experts to support community capacity, aid justice, and augment social relevancy. This thesis research examined the perceptions of horticulture institutions and other cultural institutions as it relates community, environmental issues, and environmental advocacy. Targeted surveys and case study interviews were conducted with leadership in public horticulture and related fields to gain insight. The findings illuminated a gap between the levels of acknowledged capacity by public horticulture institutions to address environmental issues and the level of advocacy actions taken by those same institutions to educate, empower, or influence, the larger community, policy or patrons. The case studies demonstrated effective ways to engage a variety of audiences and impact environmental policy consistent with the mission and vision of the organizations. Subsequently, recommendations were made for public horticulture institutions to potentially engage their patrons and communities in ways that protect people, protect nature and strengthen relationships.
Public horticulture and environmental justice , Cultural institutions and environmental justice , Public gardens and environmental advocacy , Public gardens and social justice