Delivery of Emergency Medical Services In Disaster

Quarantelli, E. L.
Taylor, Verta A.
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Disaster Research Center
In 1975, DRC was funded by the Health Resources Administration to undertake the first major, systematic and comparative study on the delivery of EMS in disasters. In the pages that follow, we summarize the resulting 28- month study. In the first chapter, we present background on the historical development of EMS in this country and indicate the current status of disaster EMS as mandated by federal legislation. In Chapter II, we examine prior research on the delivery of EMS in mass emergencies and set forth our three major research objectives, namely to come up with a description and analysis of the characteristics of, conditions for, and consequences of the delivery of EDIS in disasters. Chapter III details the theoretical and conceptual framework that guided our research. In the next chapter, we outline the study design and analysis, indicating our field work and how we went about analyzing the data. Three following chapters are devoted to an exposition of our major findings as to the characteristics of, conditions for and consequences from providing EMS in mass casualty-producing situations. Implications of the empirical findings and the limitations of the study are discussed in Chapter IX. The concluding chapter provides a series of recommendations emanating from our work for disaster EMS policy, planning, practice and research implementation. The appendices include copies of major field instruments used, the data coding scheme employed in some of the quantitative analyses, and lists of other writings and reports resulting from our study.
Emergency Medical Services , Study Design , Research Objectives