Measuring Drained Residual Strengths in the Bromhead Ring Shear

Meehan, Christopher L.
Brandon, Thomas L.
Duncan, J. M. (James Michael)
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ASTM International
A series of Bromhead ring shear tests were conducted to measure the drained residual strength of Rancho Solano Fat Clay. Tests conducted using different test procedures demonstrate the significant effect that wall friction can have in the Bromhead ring shear device. This problem was addressed by beveling the top loading platen, which led to measurements of drained residual strength that were 21–23 % lower than those measured with the unmodified platen. Using the modified platen, similar test results can be achieved independent of the details of the test procedure that is followed, giving greater confidence in the measured residual shear strength.
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Ring shear tests , Clays , Residual strength , Slickensides , Laboratory test , Shear tests
Meehan, C. L., Brandon, T. L., & Duncan, J. M. (2007). Measuring drained residual strengths in the bromhead ring shear. Geotechnical Testing Journal, 30(6), 466-473.