A Comparison of Simultaneously Recorded Machine Drive Power and Compactometer Measurements

Meehan, Christopher L.
Tehrani, Faraz S.
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ASTM International
Continuous compaction control (CCC) systems are data acquisition systems installed on compaction equipment that continuously collect real-time information about the operation and performance of the compactor. An experimental research study was conducted to examine the type of data that is recorded by CCC equipment during road sub-base compaction of “select fill” granular materials using a smooth-drum vibratory roller. A prototype roller was utilized that allowed for simultaneous real-time machine drive power and compactometer measurements, which permitted independent and simultaneous evaluation of the degree of compaction of the soil. The behavior of the recorded machine drive power and compactometer values for different lifts and with increasing compactive effort for a single lift is presented and discussed. The statistical nature of the recorded CCC data sets is explored in detail, with a focus on distribution fitting assessment techniques that are applicable for CCC data. Comparisons are also made between the simultaneously recorded machine drive power and compactometer measurements. The results and associated discussion that are presented are useful for understanding the variable nature of CCC data sets, and the observations that are made have practical implications for the creation of CCC construction specifications that are to be used to control the compaction process.
Author's final manuscript
Continuous compaction control , Earthwork , Machine drive power , Compactometer value , Quality control , Quality assurance
Meehan, C. L. and Tehrani, F. S. (2011). A Comparison of Simultaneously Recorded Machine Drive Power and Compactometer Measurements." Geotechnical Testing Journal, ASTM, 34(3), 208-218. (doi:10.1520/GTJ103235)