An Overview Of Research On PTSD In Survivors Of Disasters

Quarantelli, E. L.
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Disaster Research Center
I want now to elaborate on some the complexities obscured in making these three simple points, namely (1) that disasters generally do not result in negative short or long run major health consequences; (2) that this first general proposition is most applicable to community type disasters and behavioral dysfunctional ties; and (3) that even accepting the first two points does not deny the need and usefulness for mental or crisis counseling services in a variety of different kinds of disaster situations. Stated another way, we are saying that disasters, as a whole, do not have major health effects but that this proposition has to be qualified. It is primarily applicable to negative behavioral consequences of community disasters and there is the additional qualification, that even if true, the general proposition does not necessarily deny that necessity of mental health services for specific kinds of particular situations and victims.
Survivors , PTSD , Mental Health