Personnel and Structure: An Organizational Study

Blanshan, Sue A.
Smith, Martin H.
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Disaster Research Center
There is a vast amount of sociological literature which deals with the relationship of organizational membership and organizational change. Recently attention has been focused on deliberate attempts by researchers and others to intervene in organizations (Corwin, 1972). Organizational change programs, irrespective of their goals, frequently attempt to modify the organizational structure through, at least in part, the inclusion of outsiders who are unconventional, creative, flexible, good boundary personnel, etc. (Carlson, 1962; Clark, 1968). fn the future, sociological studies of intervention strategies are likely to become more important since increasingly there are programs attempting to manipulate structural variables. Therefore, it will be useful and indeed necessary to have the relationship of variables such as staff composition and organizational structures variables empirically verified. This study of police-community relations P-CR) units, the findings of which are part of a larger study conducted by the Disaster Research Center (DRC) of the Ohio State University, was undertaken with that intention.
personnel , structure , decision making , organizational study