Some Observations On Organizational Response To The Snowstorm In Des Moines, Iowa, April 9, 1973

Smith, Martin H.
Bardo, John W.
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Disaster Research Center
Around April 9, 1973, Iowa was hit by what the press called the worst spring snow storm in eighty years. Telephone contacts with agencies in Des Moines indicated that activity in the city had been halted for two days by the unexpected blizzard. Because of the severity of the storm and the opportunity to investigate the response to the storm by a community within the "snow belt," the Disaster Research Center sent a two-man research team to Des Moines, Iowa. The team stayed two days, April 26 and 27, focusing on storm-associated activities within the city of Des Moines. Information was gathered to answer the following questions: (1) In what way did the community respond to the storm; (2) What role did the local civil defense organization play in the coordination and other storm-associated organizational responses; and, (3) What geographical area within Des Moines and surrounding communities would be affected by disruptions of the city and private agencies and utilities?
Observations , Organizational Response , Snowstorm , Des Moines, Iowa