Community Conflict: Its Absence and its Presence in Natural Disasters

Dynes, Russell R.
Quarantelli, E. L.
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Disaster Research Center
Recent research at the Disaster Research Center at The Ohio State University has allowed a sharper focus on the problem. Field studies have been conducted about 100 different natural disaster situations. While our research has not been directed primarily to the problem involved, nevertheless, the data gathered permit us to specify more clearly the conditions under which conflict and the conditions under which cooperation emerge at times of major emergency. WE have firsthand data on many cases allowing use to make a more intensive analysis than could either students of the problems. The research focus of the Center has been on the urban community and the major organizations and groups likely to be involved in collective response to a larger-scale disaster. Not only has the immediate emergency period been examined, but some attention has also been given to longer run responses during the relief and rehabilitation periods in the aftermaths of disasters. Thus, we have been in a position to observe both short-run and long-run community conflict and cooperation in such stress situations.
natural disaster , urban community , collective response , community conflict