Organizational Change Within A Community Conflict Enviroment

Kreps, Gary A.
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Disaster Research Center
The sociological relevance of conflict and change is unquestioned though the analytical emphasis given these phenomena has varied considerably. Each of these factors has been treated conceptually. The interrelationships between them, however, have seldom been systematically explicated. This paper represents an attempt to specify relevant interrelationships between conflict and change and in doing so, hopefully, to provide a perspective for future research. This problem may be attacked from a number of levels. The polar extremes would be an analysis of conflict and change on the societal level as opposed to one on an interpersonal level. For our purposes we will be viewing the relationship of conflict and change at the community level, including its major sub-units, i.e. community organizations. It is felt that in this “middle range” gains can be maximized within a manageable framework. Specifically we will be concerned with the effect a community in conflict has upon the potential for change in the internal conditions and/or external environmental relationships of an organization existent within that context.
conflict and change , environmental relationships , confict enviroment