Disaster Resistant Communities Initiative: Local Community Representatives Share Their Views: Year 3 Focus

Wachtendorf, Tricia
Tierney, Kathleen J.
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This report is one of a series of publications that summarize and synthesize information collected by the Disaster Research Center as part of its ongoing assessment of the Project Impact (PI) implementation process. The data presented here were gathered in four focus group discussions that were held doing the 2000 Project Impact Summit. Twenty-six representatives from Project Impact communities around the U. S. took part in those discussions. The data that were collected in 2000 complement other focus group data that were gathered using the same methodology in 1998 and 1999. All group members took part in the discussions with the understanding that the information they provided would be treated as confidential. Discussions were tape-recorded; the tapes were later transcribed to facilitate analysis. The focus group discussions were designed to obtain Project Impact participants’ views on the PI implementation process. Group members were asked to offer observations and insights on the following topics: Community-based strategies for achieving disaster resistance The organization of local Project Impact initiatives Strategies for building disaster mitigation partnerships with diverse segments of the community What communities would like FEMA to do to facilitate program implementation Expectations with respect to the future of Project Impact when initial funding comes to an end
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