Disaster Resistant Communities Initiative: Focus Group Analysis

Wachtendorf, Tricia
Riad, Jasmin K.
Tierney, Kathleen J.
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In Fall 1997, the Disaster Research Center began a two-year study on the development and implementation of Project Impact in the seven communities that were chosen as pilot sites for the program: Allegany County, Maryland; Deerfield Beach, Florida; Oakland, California; Pascagoula, Mississippi; Seattle, Washington; Tucker County and Randolph County, West Virginia; and Wilmington, North Carolina. These seven communities were each given a million dollars to enhance their disaster resistance through mitigation projects, public education activities, and the development of public-private partnerships. Earlier DRC reports on the lessons learned by these communities during the first year in this new program were intended to provide the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with feedback on the types of challenges the communities faced, the processes they had established to manage Project Impact, the types of activities they had undertaken, and the benefits or opportunities they derived from participating in the program. In late 1997, FEMA brought another fifty communities into Project Impact.
Project Impact , Focus Group , Partnerships , Education , FEMA