Stories of the Jasmine Revolution

Karlin, Ben
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University of Delaware
This thesis seeks to portray the events of the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, which occurred between December of 2010 and January of 2011. The piece attempts to convey the occurrences of this historical event in a manner that captures the human element of the story. Whereas historical accounts emphasize the larger implications, causes, and effects of particular events, and journalistic accounts tend to focus on the details of those events, both approaches can under represent or at times completely disregard the fact that real human beings were responsible for and affected by the situations that historians and journalists attempt to chronicle. Through both intensive research and the application of the tools of creative writing, this thesis combines fact and fiction in an effort to portray what these events were like from the perspectives of the people who actually experienced them. In this way, it becomes possible to understand the events of the Jasmine Revolution in terms of the trials, fears, bravery, and suffering of the people of Tunisia, in hopes that this personal approach will encourage further interest and concern from those around the world who may only view these events as a distant news story or a chapter in a history book.
Jasmine Revolution , Tunisia , December 2010 , January 2011