Department of Geography


Geography provides a unique spatial perspective that seeks to explain patterns of differences and commonality across the human and natural environment. Housed within the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment, the department has nationally and internationally recognized faculty engaged in cutting edge research and offering exciting educational opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students.

The department houses the Office of the State Climatologist of Delaware and the Delaware Environmental Observing System (DEOS). DEOS collects real-time information on all facets of the region's environment for use by everyone from environmental scientists to emergency management professionals to the general public. We also work with the Delaware Geographic Alliance, an organization of teachers and others interested in strengthening geographic learning in Delaware's K-12 classrooms.

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  • Willmott, Cort J. (Newark, Del. : Water Resources Center, University of Delaware., 1977)
    The computer program described is designed for use in a variety of problems, and requires a minimum amount of input information. Every effort was made to make the code transparent, so that it could be easily modified should ...