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  • Wollaston, Martin; Raab, Linda; DeCoursey, William; Patterson, Theodore; Rudd, Brandon; Connelly, Eric (2012-11)
    This document is an update to the 2005 Town of Middletown Comprehensive Plan and serves as a guide for Middletown’s land use decisions and annexation policy. It also serves as a consolidated reference containing demographic, ...
  • Wollaston, Martin; Raab, Linda; DeCoursey, William; Jones, Kirsten; Tierney, Gemma; Seymour, Nicole; Horgan, Evan (2017-01)
    This comprehensive development plan is intended to serve as a document for the future development of the Town of Kenton. Adopted by the Town Council, it is recognized as the guide for future planning efforts of the community ...
  • O'Neill, Sean; Raab, Linda (2017-10)
    This study serves as an informational tool for Middletown to be used by decision makers when taking into consideration any policy changes they deem necessary regarding multifamily development proposals.
  • Pragg, Sarah; Scott, Marcia; Coakley, Sarah (2018-03)
    A short brochure that covers the definition and purpose of Transportation Improvement Districts in Delaware, frequently asked questions, benefits, examples, and testimonials.
  • City of Milford (2018-04)
    The Strategic Plan strives to create an organizational framework that will be used to drive effective decision-making for City Council and City management through the next five years. This framework lays the foundation for ...

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